Hotspot WiFi Centri Commerciali e Negozi

Hotspot WiFi for shops and shopping center

The best wifi for any shopping center

Today having access to a wifi network it’s essential for everyone, both for who want to take a look at Facebook feed and for who need to be able to ensure their availability online for work issues. Providing your shopping center with a hotspot guest wifi allows you to meet the expectations of your regular customers and ensure a free, fast and secure Internet connection.

Why Socialhive is the best solution for shopping center?

Fast and customizable authentication system to allow users to use the wifi connection immediately, without having to make complicated steps to access the service.

Customizable splash page: you can add your company logo, show images and links to promote products and services of your business and enrich it for free with videos, widgets and advertising banners.

Ability to collect data about users, in a secure and in accordance with current regulations, to promote ad campaigns customized according to the target audience.

Discover all the technical details of our hotspot guest wifi

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