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Hotspot WiFi for Hotel

Improve the quality of your hotel wifi

For today’s travelers, wifi is a necessity: guests expect wifi to be faster, more reliable and available in all hotel’s area. Thanks to Socialhive you can offer your customers an optimal wifi experience, respecting the expectations of your guests who will return to stay at your hotel and will recommend your accommodation to family and friends. Our solution allows you to manage the access policies to the network, optimizing the use of the band, setting the profiles of navigation in an autonomous way, creating different levels of service for different users.

Monetize the hotel wifi

Turn your hotel wifi into a powerful marketing tool to boost your hotel bookings, promote your services and increase your online business reputation.  

The customization of splash page that automatically appears when a new customer tries to connect to the hotel wifi, can be used to upload images and sponsorship links or can be enriched for free with videos, widgets and advertising banners. For example, you can use the splash page to show customers the images of your superior rooms and suites, motivating guests to re-book their stay in more luxurious room types. You can also add the Trip Advisor widget and invite customers to leave positive reviews on their stay.


Discover all the technical details of our hotspot guest wifi

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